What benefits does the Irish Film Tax Incentive have?

The high rate of the incentive

The Irish Film Tax Incentive has one of the world’s highest incentives for film and tv production. For inward productions into Ireland, Section 481 provides for 32% of all eligible Irish production spend with the possibility of increasing to 37% with the Regional Uplift. There are three caps to the finance available and you can find out more by looking at these examples.

90% of financing up-front

With the Irish Film Tax Incentive, there is an option for 90% of financing to be paid out upon closing of financing for the production. In other words, productions receive the finance up-front and as such, it’s very cash-flow friendly and saves on gap financing.

Irish-Soil Eligibility

Once feet set down on Irish soil, irrespective of nationality, they are considered to be an Irish expense. In other words, non-Irish cast and crew are eligible expenses on arrival in Ireland.

Goods and Services

Goods and services are deemed eligible costs and permissible for relief to be claimed against them.

A very-high cap

There is a €70m euro cap on the amount of total Irish production spend that is eligible for Section 481 benefit.

A Regional Uplift

Additionally there is a regional uplift (5% extra in 2021, 3% extra in 2022, 2% extra in 2023) increasing your tax incentive when placing the production in certain regions of the country.

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Irish Film Tax Incentive: Explained