Foundation is the largest production to be filmed in Ireland. If you’re wondering whether Ireland will be able to handle your next film or TV series— here is the case study you need.

Producers include Alex Graves, Roxann Dawson, Jennifer Phang, Andrew Bernstein, David S. Goyer and Rupert Sanders, each one heading between one and three episodes in this series.

Rupert Sanders, known for Snow White and the Huntsman and Ghost in the Shell, directed the pilot episode, which is being led by Skydance Television. This Hollywood company previously produced the Netflix hit Altered Carbon.

Starring Jared Harris – who won BAFTA for best actor in his lead role in Chernobyl, alongside Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey and Laura Birn. The series features plenty of fresh talent.

Foundation is loosely based on the Foundation series of stories written by Isaac Asimov. The series of books was first published as a series of short stories in 1942–50. The years 1951–53 saw it developed into a trilogy: Foundation, Foundation and Empire, and Second Foundation. In 1966, the series won a special, one-time Hugo Award for “Best All-Time Series”. In 1981, Asimov once again expanded the world with two prequels and two sequels.

Foundation is a galactic tale which follows a band of exiles who defy the Galactic Empire to prevent mass destruction. The books were said to have inspired the Star Wars saga.

With the promise of a rich plot that could provide many seasons to come, the series premiered on Apple TV+ on 24 September 2021. The following month, Apple TV+ renewed the series for a second season. Co-director Goyer has plans for Foundations to become a sprawling eight-season, eighty-episode series.

The pandemic saw the huge shoot put on pause in early 2020. Since resuming production later that year and in less than a year, the series premiered.

Irish film industry talent

The TV series has been applauded for its scale and design— it’s been a showcase of the talent pool in the Irish film industry. Sheena Scott of Forbes writes, “Foundation is a visually stunning series. From cinematography, art direction, costume design to special effects and visual effects, enhanced by immersive sound effects and Bear McCreary’s score, the “unfilmable” world created by Asimov looks spectacular onscreen.”

Irish talent is evident across the production. Award-winning costume designer, Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh, leads a large costume department. Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh is known for her costume design on the films Becoming Jane and Brideshead Revisited.

A production team of 500 employees was involved in creating this epic Sci-FI saga. The producers secured Irish actors to appear in the large-scale production.

Irish tax relief

The ten-part series was awarded €30 million in tax relief, as filming commenced in Limerick.

Tax relief of between €5m to €10m was granted for the pilot episode of the series alone, according to Revenue figures.

Limerick was not the original choice for the base of this project. Producer, Sean Ryerson, stated, “It was supposed to originally play in Manchester”.

Manchester fell through and Ireland’s attraction with Section 481 tax breaks, qualified the series for corporate tax credits of between €10-€30 million. Along with this, Ireland’s industry talent came into play and Castletroy, Limerick became Foundations foundation. 50 sets were filled with 320-450 crew members per day. The colossal Nightflyer ship was constructed in an industrial estate in Castletroy.

Looking to the future?

If you’re looking for a country with epic locations for your next fantasy or Sci-Fi saga, Ireland has plenty to offer. The talent base that stems from universities, lucrative tax reliefs, and stunning locations swung the decision for Apple TV+.

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