What is a movement order?

A movement order is given to cast and crew members providing them with the exact shooting location. The document tends to be attached to their script.

Why is a movement order important?

Movement orders ensure that the day’s shooting runs smoothly. There are many human cogs involved in making even the smallest of productions, and it’s essential for everyone to know exactly where to be. An official document also helps the crew to be in the right place at the right time.

What to include in a movement order document?

  • Location – ensure the full address is available along with the area code. If the shooting location is highly remote and so an area code (or Eir code as it is known in Ireland) cannot be given, then a more detailed map will be required.
  • Parking – include as many parking options as possible; especially if you have a larger crew.
  • GPS – it’s also helpful to include a Google Maps shortcode – steps on how to do that are included below.
  • Location Manager contact details
  • Available bus routes (if any)
  • Available rail routes (if any)
  • Walking distance and time
  • A clear map with the necessary directions outlined.

How to create a Google Maps Shortcode

In this example, we are creating a shortcode for the General Post Office (GPO), Dublin

  1. Head to the Google Maps webpage.
  2. Type in the location that you’d like to make a shortcode for (you can use GPS coordinates for accuracy).
  3. Double-check that it is the correct location.
  4. Click on the red pin and select the share button on the left side of the screen.
  5. If the intended location isn’t a recognised building/location, typing in the GPS coordinates will also bring up the share button in Google Maps.
  6. There is then the option to either share the link, embed the map or both.
  7. Copy the URL into your document and be sure to hyperlink it as then those who have a digital form of the document can simply click on the link, and it will open maps for them. You can do this by selecting “Insert” and then “Link” and paste the link there.

How to create turn by turn instructions

These instructions are helpful if you are shooting at more than one location throughout the day.

  1. Head to the Google Maps webpage.
  2. Begin by typing in the arrival location (again, inputting GPS coordinates tends to be more accurate). Click enter.
  3. Select direction, and in the second search box, input the departure location and click enter.
  4. Google Maps will provide various route options. Select the best one for your movement order.
  5. Select print and ‘save as PDF’.
  6. Attach the PDF into the movement order document.

Free Movement Order Template

You can find our Film in Ireland Movement Order Template here. We hope it helps on your next shooting day!

free movement order template for location shooting

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