An Exciting Woodland Film Location

We’re always interested in finding great and diverse locations to film in across Ireland. One such location is Dorlindon Forest in Wicklow close to Djouce Woods. Brendan, the forest’s warden writes:

“Long ago, beyond the mountains, old tales speak of a place of enchantment and ancient beauty well hidden within a dark forest, that no stranger could ever reach…or so it was thought.

Throne hidden within a village, an Archaic village set upon islets, lush islets within a lake, an enchanted lake within a forest …a thriving forest over the mountains.


The Forest Wardens foster and defend what is left of this abandoned forest realm, the natural habitat and its inhabitants: plants, fungi and animals alike, encouraging more to return or new ones to find home and shelter there.

The Craft Wardens protect and restore the wooden and stone structures that were left behind long ago and try to bring back to life the lost crafts: wood carving, blacksmithing, wool felting, herbal remedies, stone-masonry, cob walling, horn carving, stained glass, mosaic art, clay working.

Dorlindon Forest, for those who come from auld Dublin, is somewhere to be found beyond the Sugarloaf Mountain, on the Wicklow Highlands, apparently very close to Mount Djouce; the Forest Wardens are deemed to show the path and welcome all those who yearn to see this place, do converse with them if you so wish.”

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