Ireland has a lot to bring to the table for a co-produced project. With its noteworthy tax incentives, unique and varied landscape, as well as a long-standing film industry and talent – Ireland is an enticing territory for co-productions.

What defines co-production?

A co-production is a joint venture between two or more different production companies for the purpose of film production, television production, video game development and others besides. International co-production involves production companies from different countries, typically two to three, collaborating on a project.

Co-production in Ireland


Why might Ireland be the perfect base for your next production?

The Irish government’s tax incentives across the entire filmmaking process make Ireland a financially enticing country for co-production.

Due to these incentives and our rich cultural heritage, a well of talent has sprung in the industry. The diverse landscape, castle, cityscapes, natural forestry and coastline also make attractive locations for shooting. To date, Ireland has co-produced with almost every European territory. Ireland also has used the existing co-production agreements between Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Benefits of certifying as an official co-production

Official co-productions means the project has met the necessary requirement of the relevant treaty. The outcome of this is that the production can avail of local territory benefits that can be primarily grouped into financial and cultural factors.


Co-productions are a response to internationalisation. Countries with smaller production sectors sight to maintain a viable production industry

Not only is this an obvious opportunity to pool resources, but this can also open access for governments’ financial assistance, tax concessions and inclusion in domestic television broadcast quota.

Ireland is also a member of Eurimages, the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe. Eurimages has a total annual budget of approximately €27.5 million.


Co-productions enable filmmakers to capture and explore the culture of the audience. There is the opportunity to learn from the partner producer. This creation opens up resources for more diverse and nuanced content to be available in the world. It provides films that genuinely intrigue the viewer, not just for the storyline, but an insight into the workings of a different culture.

How do I find information on Irish co-producers?

Contact us at Irish Film Services.

Co-production Treaties between Ireland and Other Territories

Official co-productions between Ireland and other territories require that there is a co-producer in each country and that a balance exists between the Irish financial and creative contribution.

European Co-Production

Ireland is also party to the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production, which enables co-production of feature films amongst members of the EU and some EEA states.

This Convention aims to promote the development of European multilateral cinematographic co-production, safeguard creation and freedom of expression, and defend the various European countries’ cultural diversity.

Certain requirements need to be met in order to obtain co-production status. The treaty also outlines the minimum and maximum proportions of contributions from each co-producer.

We’ve created a specific blog post outlining the significant aspects of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production.


Films Co-production Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of Ireland

Find the Australia/Ireland co-production agreement here.


Agreement on film and Video Relations between the Government of Canada and the Government of Ireland

Find the Canada/Ireland co-production agreement here.

Irish Luxembourg Treaty

Agreement between the government of Ireland and the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on Audio-visual relations

Find the Luxembourg/Ireland co-production agreement here.

New Zealand

Agreement between the Government of Ireland and the Government of New Zealand concerning the co-production of films

Find the New Zealand/Ireland co-production agreement here.

South Africa

Agreement between the Government of Ireland and the Government of the Republic of South Africa

Find the South Africa/Ireland co-production agreement here.

For more information on co-production with Ireland or how to access the Irish tax relief, you can contact the team here at Irish Film Services for expert guidance and support.